Mint leaves Powder (Pudina podi)

Mint leaves Powder


• Mint leaves powder – 2 Tbsp
• Black gram dhal – ¼ cup
• Red chilies – 15 to 20
• Salt – as required
• Tamarind – little more than gooseberry sized

1. Separate the tender mint leaves from its bark.
2. Wash and wipe with a cloth.
3. Dry by spreading on a clean towel.
4. When it is completely dry, roast it in a hot shallow pan till it becomes crisp.
5. Remove from fire and powder it.
6. Measure this powder.
7. Dry roast black gram, fry red chilies alone in oil and powder everything together.
8. At the end add mint leaves powder salt, and tamarind.
9. Pound well Store in clean dry jar.

By Bhaktin Pooja


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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