Sushi rolls

Sushi rolls


•2 cups sushi rice
•2 tbsp sushi vinegar or rice vinegar
•1 tsp salt
•1 tsp sugar
•1 cup alfalfa sprouts 1
•1 avocado, cut into think slices
•½ cup fresh baby spinach leaves
•½ cup seasoned soy meat, optional
•2 tbsp black sesame
•10 nori / seaweed sheets
•¼ cup seasoned ginger (ginger pickle)*
•¼ cup soy sauce
1.You can use all kinds of vegetables you like to make sushi. There are no limitations.This recipe is the one that Maharaja likes. Seasoned soy meat is optional; just in case you are not able to find it, omit this item. Seasoned ginger can be easily found in the oriental market. It is stored in a jar. Ginger pickle is pinkish and tasty. This main dish does not require cooking and is very low‐fat and healthy.

2.Cook the rice at least 1‐2 hours before you make the rolls. Meanwhile, toast sesame in the pan for 3 or 4 minutes. To ensure the rice is intact, fan the rice instead of flipping or stirring the rice when it is cooked. Sprinkle vinegar (mixed with salt and sugar) and sesame on top of the rice while the rice is still hot. If you cannot find natural rice vinegar, there is no need to use it. Let the rice cool complete before you use it.

3.On each nori sheet, the first layer is always the rice. Then add avocado, sprout, spinach, etc. Ginger is not used in the roll but as condiment. On the far end of the nori, stick a few pieces of rice so that you will be able to “seal” the roll. If you are able to find a sushi mat which is made of bamboo, you should use it to assist you to roll. If you are not able to find sushi mat, simply just roll the nori like you are making any kind of roll. Make sure you squeeze the roll tightly so it will be easy for you when you cut the roll into pieces (about 1 inch or 1 ½ inches big). Loose rolls will cause trouble when you cut them. Serve sushi on a plate with a bowl of soy sauce and a bowl of seasoned ginger. If your rolls are loose, cut them into half instead of pieces.

By Madhavi Davi Dasi


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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