Veggie Filo Parcels


•½ C olive oil
•½ Tsp yellow asafetida powder
•1 stalk of celery chopped
•½ cabbage chopped
•¾ C shredded carrots
•½ Tsp dried sweet basil
•2 Tbsp fresh coriander leaves
•¾ Tsp salt
•½ Tsp sugar
•20 sheets of defrosted filo dough
1.Heat 2 Tsp oil in pan over moderate heat. Sprinkle asafetida, add cabbage and stir fry for 3-4 minutes. Add the shredded carrots, basil and coriander leaves. Cook for 2 more minutes and remove from heat. Add the salt and sugar; combine well. Allow to cool. Divide filling into 20 equal parts.
2.Working with one filo sheet at a time, keep covered the rest of the sheets with a damp paper towel to avoid any dryness.
3.Fold the sheet lengthwise in half to lead a long rectangle. Brush with oil and place one portion of the filling. Fold the filo sheet over the filling to from a triangle. Lift the triangle and fold to form another triangle. Continue folding until you reach the end of the filo dough. Seal the last edge with some oil. Repeat for all other sheets. Lay on a baking sheet.
4.Bake in a preheated oven at 350 F /180 c for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve hot with any sauce of your choice.
By Anand Lila Devi Dasi

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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