Energetic Red


Ragi Flour – 30 gm
Milk – 2 cups (300ml)
Grated Carrot – 2 Tbsp
Garden cress seeds – 2 Tbsp
Dates – 4 no
Black Kismiss – 10 no
Cardamon Powder – 1 Tsp
Jaggery – 50 gm
Almonds – 5no
Cashewnuts – 5no
1. For Ragi Satva (Ragi Malt) – Soak the Ragi grain overnight. Remove the water, and allow them to sprout, roast it and grind it into a fine powder. This is Ragi atva (Ragi Malt).
2. Mix the ragi satva in milk. Boil it till a semisolid mixture forms.
3. Now ad the grated carrot, garden cress seeds, dates, cardamom powder and mix properly.
4. Now switch off the gas and add grated jaggery. Mix well till all the jaggery elts.
5. Consistency can be adjusted to semisolid by adding milk if you find that the mixture has turned too thick.
6. Serve hot garnished with almonds and cashew nuts.
No of servings: 4 no
Nutritional facts
By Vaidehi



Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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