Green gram Laddoo

Green Gram Ladoo


• Green gram – 2 cups
• Chopped jaggery – ¾ cup
• Pure ghee – ¼ cup
• Grated dry coconut – 2 tsp
• Sesame seeds – 3-4 tsp
• Cardamom – 6-8
• Cashews – A handful

1. Grate coconut, wash sesame seeds, peel cardamom and keep them aside.
2. Wash, drain water immediately and dry roast green gram in a skillet on low flame.
3. Cook till the skin color changes and a pleasant aroma comes out of it.
4. Dry roast coconut till a pleasant aroma is released and it turns a little brown and crispy.
5. Dry roast washed sesame seeds so that it puffs up and splutters.
6. Liquefy the ghee, and keep aside.
7. Put roasted green gram with peeled cardamom, roasted dry coconut, and roasted sesame seeds in the mixer and grind to a medium fine consistency.
8. Grate jaggery and add all the powdered ingredients to a bowl, liquefy ghee gently mix all of them with your hands.
9. Take some portion of the mixture in your hands and make ladoos out of it pressing them slightly with your palms.
10. Do the same for the whole mixture and keep them aside for few minutes to set.
11. Then serve them in a serving dish.

5-6 Persons

By Bhaktin Pooja


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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