Quick Radish Parathas

Quick Radish Parathas

• Radishes – 9
• Pinches of salt, pepper ground coriander and hing, as desired
• Squeeze of lemon juice
• Dough made from atta flour and salt (and also ghee if desired, optional)
• Ghee for frying


1. Dough used can be chapati or puri dough, the exception being that ghee is added to the latter. I usually have chapati dough at hand in the fridge, so I used that most often.
2. Instructions for shaping parathas can be found by clicking here. There are two ways I’ve seen and this method is my preference. Not difficult if one takes the time to roll carefully. Atta flour is especially recommended, due to its elasticity.
3. Mix the grated radish, lemon juice and spices together. Use a couple tablespoons for each paratha. The more you can get in there without breakage, the tastier the paratha. (Some breakage seems inevitable in this preparation, because juice is made when the lemon juice and salt interacts with the grated radish, but does not effect the final cooking. Just allow it to squirt out a bit at the edge and keep rolling, dipping into more flour if needed.)


By Bhaktin Priya


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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