Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet

• Beet root – ½
• Potato – one medium sized
• Carrot – 1 large
• Cauliflower – ¼ small size
• Green chili – 1 finely chopped
• Green beans – 3-4 sticks
• Cumin powder – ¼ tbsp
• Curry powder – ½ tbsp
• Cilantro powder – ½ tbsp
• Oil (for deep frying)
• Bread crumbs – 2 tbsp
• Gram flour – 1 tbsp
• Semolina – ½ tbsp
• Poppy Seeds – 100 gms

1. Finely cut all the vegetables and wash it.
2. Take a pan add 1 tbsp oil, when oil becomes hot add all vegetables and fry it on medium flame till that turns to golden brown.
3. Boil and mash the potato with the fried vegetables and keep it aside.
4. Again heat ½ tbsp oil then add cumin, cilantro and curry powder.
5. When oil starts leaving from the spicy masala add the mashed potato.
6. Take the gram flour, add water and make a thin paste, then dip the vegetables and mashed potato into the gram flour paste.
7. Mix the semolina with bread crumbs and roll the vegetables balls with the breadcrumbs and fry it for ½ minutes on hot oil. (Make sure heat should be medium.)
8. When the balls turns to golden brown take it out from oil.
9. Roll all the vegetable cutlets in poppy seeds from every side and serve hot with chutney.

4-5 Persons

Bhaktin Sushma


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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