Apple Jam

Apple Jam


• 1 kg apple pulp (from 2 kilo apple)
• Sugar – 1 kg
• Citric acid – 6 grams
• Raspberry extract -1 ½ tsp
• Red color – 1 pinch
• Sodium benzoate – 1 ½ grams

1. Cut apple pulp and raspberry fruits into small piece and pressure-cook.
2. Cool the pulp.
3. Take pulp in a pot and add sugar and mix well.
4. When sugar gets dissolved, add citric acid and stir till it thickens.
5. When it thickens, remove a little in a plate and if water does not come out from the side then remove from the gas and mix color, raspberry extract and sodium benzoate.
6. Fill in sterilized bottle.

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By Bhaktin Malathy


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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