Puran poli

Puran poli


•2 cups chana dal, soaked in water for 4 hours
•2 cups jaggery (adjust for sweetness)
•2 cups refined flour
•1 tbsp oil
•1 tsp cardamom powder
•1/4th tsp nutmeg powder
•3/4 tsp turmeric powder
•Salt to taste
1.Cook chana dal in a pressure cooker till it turns soft. Drain out excess water until the dal absolutely becomes dry.
2.Add jaggery and salt and cook further and then mash into a thick paste.
3.Add cardamom powder, freshly grated nutmeg powder and mix well. Form balls of equal size and put it aside.
4.Mix refined flour, oil, water, and salt and turmeric powder. Make very soft, sticky dough. Knead very well. Use oil to knead. Divide into equal portions.
5.With greased palms, take one portion of dough and flatten it into a disc of the size of the palm. Place a ball of "chana jaggery" paste in the centre and fold the disc from all sides to cover the paste completely.
6.On a well-floured board, gently roll out each poli in the form of chapati. This can get tricky as the paste does try to slide out. Use a little flour if that happens. Roll.
7.Roast each poli on a hot, tawa. Roast both sides wellby using little oil. Smear with ghee on both sides when done.
8.Serve warm with clarified butter or a bowl of milk.
Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts

By Indrayani Hajare


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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