Lotus root chips

Lotus Root Chips

• Cold water for soaking the lotus root – 2 cups
• Clear rice vinegar or cider vinegar – 4 tbsp
• Lotus root sections – 3
• Oil for deep-frying
• Salt – as required
• Black pepper – a pinch
1. First peel and wash the lotus root atleast 2-3 times or until clean as fresh lotus root are almost always caked in mud
2. Slice the lotus roots thinly with a knife.
3. Pour cold water and vinegar together into a big bowl.
4. Add the sliced lotus root into the bowl to soak for a while
5. Heat the oil in a deep fryer.
6. Drain the lotus root slices and pat dry using kitchen towel.
7. Fry the lotus root until it is golden brown in color.
8. Remove and drain away excessive oil from it.
9. Sprinkle Salt and black pepper to it for taste.
4-5 Persons
By Bhaktin Shanti

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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