Pala Kova

Pala Kova


• Whole milk – 3.79 liters
• Sugar – 1 ½ cups

1. In a big sturdy pan, bring milk to a boil.
2. Keep it on medium high heat and boil milk for about 2 hours, stirring 3-4 times in between.
3. After the end of two hours, the milk will be reduced to half and it becomes thick and also turns it color from white to gandham (sandal wood) paste.
4. Add sugar to that thickened milk.
5. Stir it continuously on medium heat, and cook for about 30 to 45 minutes.
6. After 30-40 minutes the milk-sugar paste thickens more and when you are able to make a ball with it, and then switch off the heat.
7. Pour off the paste onto a clean plate or round dish.
8. Let it cool completely. Cut it into squares or shape them into rounds.
9. Serve cold in a serving dish.

4-5 Persons

By Bhaktin Mallika


Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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