• Wheat flour – 1 cup
• Gram flour (Besan) – 2 cups
• Green chilies – 5 finely chopped
• Ginger – 1 inch finely chopped
• Fresh coriander – a handful finely chopped
• Red chili powder – 3 tsp
• Coriander powder – 2 tsp
• Cumin seeds – 3 tsp
• Grated coconut – 1 cup
• Sesame seeds – 100 gms
• Salt – to taste
• Sugar – 5 tsp
• Oil for frying and making dough
• Asafetida – 2 pinch
• Tamarind pulp – 1 tsp

For Mixture:
1. Mix wheat and gram flour with 50ml of oil, 1 tsp of salt, a pinch of asafetida.
2. Use required amount of water spoon by spoon; to ensure you, finally end up with very tough dough.

For Filling:
1. Dry roast Grated coconut, sesame seeds, green chili, ginger, fresh coriander and cumin seeds.
2. Cool the mixture and blend them into a fine powder.
3. Add red chili powder, a pinch of asafetida, salt to taste, sugar, tamarind, coriander powder.
4. This needs a very little water to make it into a paste that will not ooze out of the place where it’s stuffed.

Preparation for Bhakharvadi
1. Take a big enough chunk of dough and roll it to an inch thick pancake shape.
2. Keep a handful of the filling and try to roll the dough into a flute like shape, but very very tightly
3. Cut this flute into an inch thick piece and deep fry them till golden brown in colour.
4. Dry the excess oil on a tissue and serve.

*Note: You can store in an air tight container and save it for a week’s time

5-6 Persons

By Bhaktin Ranjana

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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